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How can we increase your chances of success?

A video is one of the most powerful ways to deliver a message, but it is also one of the trickiest to get right.

At Studio Bees we are always working to improve and create better opportunities for our clients and we are able to do this through strategic planning. We want our success to be as big as yours, therefore, we offer to work with you as if a collaborative hive of bees from beginning to end and until we are both satisfied with results.


In order to make the perfect video, an audience must be addressed with clean, true, and relevant content in a way they can't ignore. Most of the strategic planning must be conducted based on extensive research and analysis, which eventually provides us with the opportunities to direct the proper message to your target audience. 


First up, the most important part of strategic planning is to conduct intensive research. It is not just about finding the perfect location, or writing the perfect script. Instead, it is more about understanding your market. To do that, we spend time with you and your customers in order to identify challenges, current perceptions, and needs. 

This analysis will eventually allow us to understand what your audience wants, as well as identify the most viable way to address their needs through digital video marketing. Once we have identified such trends, we will provide you with a tailored video strategy including messaging, tactics, budget, timing, and other resources to help you reach your goals.


You decide what your content should be, and we assist you with the structure. To do this, we use a framework that allows us to deliver a powerful message to your audience in the following three ways.




Hygiene framework content is the base of your website. This content is aimed to draw in your desired audience through their daily searches. This could be with the use of videos that provided helpful and informative content which draws in your target audience. Examples of this would be product tutorials or how-to videos.​


This type of media is designed to entertain and keep your audience coming back. This content should be constantly updated, valuable, engaging, and should incentivize people to "subscribe" or follow your brand activities on a regular basis. 


The purpose of this type of framework is to drive mass awareness on a large scale. The purpose of the featured content is to tap directly into your audience's passions. It is designed to be widely shared and bring new viewers to your content.

Through the production process, we will recognize a set of rules and guidelines to ensure that you are constantly sending out the right messages about your brand. The whole point of establishing such guidelines is to adopt a constant style and format through all your videos. These creative boundaries will provide you with benefits such as faster video production, lower risk of brand misrepresentations, and lower production costs.



We understand that a good story is just as important as the quality of your video since it can be effectively used for promoting your brand and building customer loyalty. Online videos have the potential to be a powerful tool, but you have to know how to use it in order to maximize your results. For the most impact, you have to build an emotional chord with your audience and storytelling is a wonderful way to do that.

Stories work because, ultimately, buying is not a purely objective process. You can build an emotional connection through a powerful story and connect with your audience on a personal level. Trust us, if done right, your audience will never forget your message.


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